Jul 02

Cuban Party in the San francisco Bay Area

Cuban Salsa in San Francisco, every FIRST SATURDAY

Cuban Party in Oakland, every THIRD SATURDAY

Aug 01


In Los Angeles, only Rumbankete comes close to sounding like a Cuban band (As of the summer 0f 2012, there may be more cuban salsa bands in LA). Their musicianship level is higher than most (if not all) of the bands in the State of California. The top Timba DJs in California are DJ Waldigz and DJ Saoco. The best dance floor to dance Timba music is at La Hacienda Hotel on Sundays. DJ Dario will play Timba when Casineros show up.
If you are interested in dancing or learning Rueda De Casino (Casino) in Culver City or in McArthur Park, feel free to contact me by text at [ three one zero - four two eight - two eight two one ].